For most business and enterprise needs, the off-the-shelf or ‘big box’ models just won’t cut it. We can ensure that your business is stocked with machines that are built to suit your requirements, assigning more inexpensive machines for lighter tasks, while ensuring that you have access to the power required to handle your more resource-intensive tasks. We also deliver systems free from much of the ‘bloatware’ software that will reduce the efficiency of most new systems right out of the box.

If standard commercial hardware does not meet your needs, we also have access to enterprise-grade hardware, ensuring that we have hardware solutions to meet your needs, regardless of what they are.


Mobile computers are ideal for those who work remotely. We offer laptops with a whole range of capabilities, from workstation replacement laptops that offer the same level of power as a desktop, high-performance ‘gaming’ systems for resource-intensive tasks, and models that are much more durable and reliable than standard consumer-grade laptops.

We offer a full range of popular brands, including Lenovo, Dell, and HP, as well as the latest Macbook models.

Desktops & All-In-Ones

Desktops and ‘All-In-Ones’ (or desktops where the computer hardware is integrated into the monitor to place the whole system in one place) are the primary choice for most offices. They are easy to service, reliable, and highly customizable. We offer a range of brands, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Mac.

Additionally, we offer a 3-year on-site warranty for the desktop computers we sell.

Servers & Storage

On-site servers and mass-storage devices are an excellent way to facilitate collaboration, allow extra remote storage, and ensure that all important data is regularly backed up. Our server and storage options allow us to cater to your unique needs, using reputable technology from Netgear and QNAP brands.


Monitor setups can vary widely based upon your industry and your needs, and can range from massive high-definition muti-screen spreads to the highly module and flexible ‘tiny-in-ones’. Whatever your needs or your industry, we will help you to find the perfect monitor options for your business.


We offer a full complement of hardware to support your business communication needs, helping you to both find the hardware and develop the underlying infrastructure for telecommunications systems, VOIP/PBX systems, boardroom teleconference systems, intercom systems, and more.


We can help you to determine your software needs, and then provide access to bulk-licensing deals to meet the software needs of your entire company, including both conventional software packages such as Windows Operating System, and subscription-based services such as Google Suite, Office 365, and Adobe Creative Cloud.


While generally less powerful than laptops and desktops, tablets make up for their lack of power with mobility and convenience, with a number of tremendously useful applications. We can provide access to tablets from any of the major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Nividia, and Lenovo.

Thin Client

A ‘Thin Client’ is a computer system that uses a server for a number of applications. Due to the server taking on much of the resource load, thin clients can be much smaller, lighter, and less expensive than fully-capable desktops and laptops.


To ensure your data integrity and prevent lost work in case of a power spike, flicker, or outage, we offer a number of power solutions. Surge protectors can prevent hardware damage, UPS (Uninterrupted Power supply) systems can ensure data is not lost and corrupted due to sudden power loss, and power backup systems can keep your business running if the lights go out.

Printers, Copiers & Supplies

High-quality printers and copiers are notorious for their expensive accessories. Toners and inks are often integral for your business to continue to function, and to replenish them you are often at the mercy of a supplier.

To keep you flush with ink, we will help you find the best price for hardware, toners, and inks, and provide you with any cables and peripherals you need.


Networking is an absolute necessity in the modern workplace. For many businesses, the network is in control of everything from the phone lines to the security systems. We offer you network solutions from a number of high-quality brand names, including Cisco Meraki and Netgear

We have a number of Networking tools and accessories for any of your networking needs, including:


We can work with you to design a wireless network that provides the speeds your business requires, while ensure your building has coverage without any ‘dead zones’.


To ensure your computer network is secure, we run a range of security-related consulting services.


For larger networks, switching hubs are required to keep all systems running smoothly. We can help you to integrate these hubs into your network infrastructure.

Security Cameras

Many security systems are managed through the crowd, keeping recorded data securely off-site. We can help you to set up these servers, as well as advise you on high-quality security cameras.

An Effective Business is Built on Effective Hardware

Make sure that your hardware meets both your needs and our standards. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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